“Love Dr. AJ! My 3 year old nonverbal son with an extensive medical history has responded so well to chiropractic care, and Dr. AJ always works with him in such a gentle, noninvasive manner, which draws him in! My 18 month old daughter has taken well to Dr. AJ too, his caring disposition radiates with how he treats his patients! My husband and I have also been adjusted by Dr. AJ with great results. Plus he kindly discusses lifestyle practices to promote overall wellness. We love Discover Chiropractic!” – Natashia K.

“AJ has been instrumental to my overall wellness in many ways. Not only has he helped my back/spine through regular adjustments, he has been very happy to offer various opinions on overall well-being and wellness. His logical approach to ‘body happiness’ and well-being has been one that I particularly appreciate. He is extremely knowledgeable in health and the welfare of the body. Not only can he provide guidance to adults but he has also offered opinions on the wellness of my young children. He possesses a genuine interest and zest for assisting people with being the best version of themselves. Without hesitation, I would recommend AJ wholeheartedly. Your body will thank you afterwards.” – Nick W.

“Dr. AJ takes a fantastic, comprehensive approach to chiropractic care and wellness. Treatment isn’t only about office visits, but also about the home care and lifestyle improvements that can get you to successfully overcome the issues that brought you to the clinic in the first place. Dr. AJ is also a great all around person who takes a personal interest in his client’s well-being. Portland’s loss is certainly Bend’s gain!” – Ian F.
“Dr. AJ is a very wise and effective chiropractor. He understands and effectively communicates how the body works as an entire system. His approach is brilliant as he seeks to understand what is causing any specific problem. I also always enjoy our conversations during my appointments. I would recommend him to anyone ranging from young children to senior citizens.” – Jake M.

“I was experiencing a lot of back, hip, shoulder and neck pain. After seeing Dr. AJ twice a week for the last two months I hardly have any pain at all. I was facing cortisone shots and main meds. So happy I don’t have to worry about that anymore. I highly recommend him.” – Cindy M.

“I started visiting doctor AJ around my 27th week pregnant – was having terrible mid-back and hip pain. After just a few visits my issues have gone away. I have continued to go regularly and it has made my pregnancy so much better! Now 35 weeks and feel amazing. Highly recommend everyone to see him! I honestly look forward to my adjustments, doctor AJ is very passionate about his work and pregnancy. I have nothing but great things to say and could continue on and on. Thank you for everything – I’ll now be a lifer.” – Corie P.

“Dr. AJ, In the past 8 months you’ve helped me tremendously. Relieving pain, tension, stress & making me feel 100% comfortable. I can’t thank you enough!” – Angela W.

“Dr. AJ is always excellent. I think he truly understands how to make a patient feel better by listening to their symptoms. He also makes it very apparent that he is a huge proponent of overall wellness. Because of him, all of my visits have been a rewarding experience.” – Anonymous