Resilience is the ability to tolerate stress, no matter in what way, shape, or form this stress chooses to manifest. As a trainer, my mentality is focused on the human body and how we can build physical resilience in our training.

Every workout that I put my clients through challenges them to develop their tolerance for stress. Whatever the challenge – be that an exhausting workout, or an exercise or movement that requires greater attention to detail – the end goal is to familiarize them gradually and consistently with any stress patterns. In doing so, they gain confidence in their ability to overcome this new training obstacle.

To increase your body’s natural ability to be physically resilient, the stress put on the body must be increased incrementally. This is one of the fundamental training principles in overload and adaptability. Overload refers to pushing the individual slightly past their current limits in order to overcome their current restraints. Adaptability is the body’s ability to acclimatize to and recover from the consistent stress placed on it. As we increase stress in our training, our bodies will adapt to the new stimulus. If we do not progressively challenge ourselves, we are not acclimatizing to new stresses, therefore depriving our body of increasing its resilience.

This mentality of training needs to take into consideration the amount of stress in the clients day-to-day life and be tailored to your hormone cycle, 24 hours for men, 28 days for women.

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